Reverse Joystick Y-Adapter

While unplugging a joystick to plug it into another system is certainly ‘doable’ why do that when you can just leave the same joystick plugged into both systems at the same time?!

Obviously you can buy joystick Y-adapters, sure. Those are meant to attach two joysticks to a single computer though. I actually was going to go this route initially, and just grab gender changers to get the ‘reverse’ effect. Why do this though when that’s so boring and I’d be passing up a perfectly good opportunity to build my own cable?

So, I ordered up a cable and a simple db-15 connector with screw connectors and got to work-

I needed to get the cable stripped down in the middle, so I started there-

Then I needed to figure out which cable went to which pins on the ends, so I stripped the middle off and used my multi-meter to ‘tone’ them out-

Then the next fun part- attaching them to the joystick side connector. I suppose I could have gotten a soldered type, but this was a little simpler and provided the opportunity to change it up without having to desolder connections if I got something wrong.

And the finished product!

It works great to both systems! Since I generally won’t be playing games at the same exact time on two different computers at once, this solution works out perfectly.

I may even add a standard Y-adapter on the joystick end of this in the future to have two joysticks attached to my two retro DOS computers!


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