Recycle Techs Customers!

Welcome to Erik’s Retro Place!

- Play your games again...
...Like you used to -

Thank you for your interest in my custom-built retro systems!

I put a lot of pride into building and restoring these systems to their former glory. Even down to the smallest detail, nothing will be overlooked or skimped on. On average I spend about 15-20 hours on each system going over everything to ensure they are running as well as possible, are clean (inside and out) and will provide you with years of retro gaming and computing.

 -Refer to my blog post of my own 486 build for an idea of this –

If there is a system you like, but were hoping for something to be different or changed, just let me know! Want a different sound card, a different processor, a Compact Flash card instead of a hard drive? No Problem. Just let me know and I can help get your custom system all ready to go!

All my systems come with a 30-day warranty for parts. This warranty is not affiliated in any way to Recycle Techs. I’m more than happy to assist with configuring your systems once you get them home as well.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call or email me (refer to the contact information on my business cards available at either Recycle Techs location in Spokane).