My PC Big Box Game Collection

After King’s Quest V, I was hooked. Hooked on the adventure, the intrigue, the thrill and excitement of gaming. Before PC gaming, the only systems we were graced with in our home were a Game Boy and a Commodore 64. The Commodore 64 was and still is an excellent gaming system yes, but I wasn’t really aware of that, sadly. We didn’t really have many games for it and I didn’t know what was truly out there.

Once we got our PC though, it was time to start the collection.

I had amassed a decent collection, growing up. Titles from Hare Raising Havoc, to Warcraft II; from Relentless (which, yes, I got to run on a system with 3MB of RAM) to Goblins 3. My shelf was full and it looked great.

But life, with it’s unexpected twists and turns, is funny isn’t it? I still remember the day I lost my entire collection and it was not a good day.

The years went on, I went to school, got married, bought a house and eventually started getting back into retro systems. I had a couple games in my basement that I stumbled across one day when looking for old computer parts. That vacant wall in my man cave needed to be dressed up, and what better way to dress it than with my old games again? Some that I bought, but a lot that my late father had gifted to me over the years too.

This page is all about my game collection as it is today.

I obtain a lot of my acquisitions by thrifting, but also trading with the community.

A shout out to Big Box PC Game Collectors is definitely called for here. An amazing group of people with similar passions.

I will keep this page updated as I trade titles and rotate them on and off my shelf.

My current collection-

(Disclaimer- the images can take a while to load)