Commodore 1084-S Monitor Door Hinge Repair 4

The hinges on my Commodore 1084-S were broken. The door would practically fall off when you opened it. This was a bummer because the volume control knob is here.

This monitor is considered to be one of the best for an authentic Amiga setup. Sure, there are a lot of monitors you can use with an Amiga, but this one has stereo speakers (denoted by the ‘S’ in the model number), which can make a huge difference for a system that has stereo sound output.

So, at first, I was looking around for a replacement door but after months of searching and getting no where I decided to take the approach of just repairing it.

Fortunately, there was a partial solution here where someone had taken the trouble to design 3D-printable hinges! I had some printed (with some spares just in case).

First step was the scariest, to cut up the original door and hope for the best

No turning back now…

One interesting bit is the printed hinges were too big to fit in this spot where I just cut out the old ones, so I had to measure out the dimensions and size them down a bit.

The hinges are printed out of Polyamide (nylon), so it’s very hard, yet flexible. Best approach here for resizing this I found was my belt sander.

One nice thing about nylon though is it works great with super glue (since its slightly porous, allowing the thin glue to seep in).

The new hinges glued on

And installed!

And looking good!


Next to do to this monitor- add a SCART connector for better quality image (it has the holes on the main board to just solder one right in) replace the speakers with better-quality and replace the capacitors. Stay tuned for future posts of these projects.


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