Big Box Game Repair

I picked up this copy of Sid & Al’s Incredible Toons recently for a fairly good price, considering its overall condition.

I’ve been a fan of this franchise for years and an even bigger fan of Dynamix as a whole.

I knew I could make a good attempt at repairing this box, having done so with some other games in my collection and having fairly good success with it… plus, let’s be honest here, who doesn’t love trapezoid boxes?!!

As you can see- it was pretty smashed up-

And, yes- this process will require removing the sealing- but I often do this to my games anyway. This game has a poster and trading cards in it that need to be seen and appreciated!

Poor box… this thing needs some TLC- Time to break out the trusty ironing board! (yes, it’s stained and old).

I set it to just hot enough to create steam and use a pillow case between the iron and the box. You want to press pretty hard, giving it plenty of pressure and it flattens it right back out!

Making progress!-

On to the top portion- At first, I thought I would have to break the seal and open the top portion completely, but fortunately it does fold all the way down (even though the shape is funky)-

You can see the indents in my ironing board from the pressure I’m applying (glad I didn’t break my ironing board)!

And the end result!-


Is it perfect? NO! Is it much better? YES!

I did apply a little tape on the inside of the box where there was some tearing and the corners and edges are still a bit banged up, but not bad for 10 minutes of my time!

BONUS! The poster-

(Open your sealed boxes, people- The contents are often more epic than just the 6 sides of the box itself) 😉


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