Amiga joystick modification

OK, I know this isn’t technically an ‘Amiga’ joystick, but not growing up with these systems, I just couldn’t get used to only having one button and having to use ‘UP’ to jump. Something about it just didn’t feel right to my not-quite-retro-enough fingers.

I started looking around for ways around this and found this fancy, programmable joystick adapter, allowing you to use PlayStation controllers on an Amiga! This is the Kipper2k version

The coolest part is I could even go wireless with this!

I found some cheap generic wireless PS2 controllers on ebay and tried it out. Worked great right out of the box and each button can be re-mapped, making the layout more familiar with ‘jump’ and other actions.

Multi-fire, mouse emulation, saving different profiles… It’s pretty slick.


The standard, black PS2 controller just wasn’t going to do though to go with my Amiga setup. Some modifications needed to be done.

Unfortunately, when I was doing this project I didn’t take many pictures but I plan on doing another one of these once it’s warm enough outside to spray-paint again so I’ll add some pics.

The end result turned out pretty nice I think though!

Another nice little touch was the Amiga logo I found as well.


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