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While not necessarily ‘retro’ (but getting close) this project is still my pride and joy to this day. One fateful day back in in the end of 2009 I found myself checking out custom computer builds. “Custom computer builds?!” you ask!… No, I don’t mean just buying a case and […]

Daily Driver From Scratch

After upgrading my 486 to a new motherboard which benched a little better and had PCI slots, I found the board had an issue where the Serial ports weren’t working… or did it? Before giving up hope and putting my old motherboard back in, I figured I may as well […]

2 Different Serial Pinouts?!

While unplugging a joystick to plug it into another system is certainly ‘doable’ why do that when you can just leave the same joystick plugged into both systems at the same time?! Obviously you can buy joystick Y-adapters, sure. Those are meant to attach two joysticks to a single computer […]

Reverse Joystick Y-Adapter

OK, I know this isn’t technically an ‘Amiga’ joystick, but not growing up with these systems, I just couldn’t get used to only having one button and having to use ‘UP’ to jump. Something about it just didn’t feel right to my not-quite-retro-enough fingers. I started looking around for ways […]

Amiga joystick modification

Growing up as a young boy on a farm we had plenty to do outdoors. This didn’t keep me away from our brand new Compaq Deskpro 386n (SX-16 with 3MB of memory) though. My Dad brought this beauty home one day and my mind was blown from that day forward. […]

The One Game That Changed My Life…

During a retro gaming session that got a little too vigorous, I managed to snap off the joystick from my Gravis Gamepad. I was disappointed but also excited at the same time. Time for a new project! I’d always wondered when this would happen as these little guys aren’t very […]

Repairing a Gravis Gamepad Joystick